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Feedback requested on implementation of Plan S

Following the recent Wellcome announcement of its revised Open Access Policy, today new guidelines on the implementation of Plan S have been announced. The guidelines are published in full with details of technical requirements at and feedback is welcomed from all stakeholders, including the public.

cOAlition S is committed to fulfil the specific target set out in Plan S – immediate Open Access to all scholarly publications from research funded by coalition members from 2020 onward  Three routes to achieve OA will be compliant:
Publish in fully Open Access journals listed in the DOAJ or on Open Access platforms Deposit in Open Access repositories listed in OpenDOARPublish in subscription journals with 'transformative' agreements in place or that permit accepted manuscripts to be deposited immediately with a Creative Commons Attribution licence, such as Royal Society titles The guidelines cover questions of cost, licensing and timing, wit…

Wellcome Trust announces new Open Access policy

Following an 8 month review the Wellcome Trust announced its latest Open access policy on 5 November.

Some key changes Deposit into PubMed Central (PMC) and Europe PMC Articles must be made freely available by the official final online publication date instead of within 6 months of the final publication date Article processing charges (APCs) OA publication in subscription journals (hybrid) will no longer be compliant unless associated with Jisc Collections transformative OA agreementsJournals chosen must be indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)Only journals and platforms that follow criteria that cOAlition S may set out in future for OA journals and platforms will be compliant Pre-prints Authors are encouraged to post pre-peer review pre-prints under a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence. This is mandated during public health crises Research assessment Wellcome-funded research organisations must publicly commit to a statement of intrinsic merit of the researc…