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Your Open Access: January update

We have just published the January repository statistics update. Since the last update, published in October, the repository content has continued to grow, and we now have over 11,000 items. The downloads have remained strong too, very nearly reaching 1 million downloads!

As with the last update we have highlighted the main top level download statistics, derived from IRUS-UK - a JISC sponsored service providing reliable download statistics from UK repositories. We also include figures for the repository content, which is important for providing a context for the download figures (this point is discussed in a recent blog post).

There is also now a collection in the repository where the statistics updates will be archived.

If you have any feedback on these updates or you would like to know more, please do get in touch.

The transition to Open Access: how's it going?

A report has been published recently detailing statistics on the transition to Open Access. The report, which can be downloaded here, was published by Universities UK, a body representing the interests of UK universities through advocacy and engagement, as well as conducting research and analysis. This latest report details their findings on the current state of open access publishing with a specific focus on the level of progress made to 'flipping' to Open Access. Flipping is seen by some to be the ultimate goal of Open Access, and this viewpoint is neatly expressed in a recent presentation by Danny Kingsley at University of Cambridge, But this is not the only possible scenario open access could ultimately take, two possible options are described here for instance, equivalent to the split between all Green or all Gold. 
An important point to note is that the figures that follow do have a number of caveats, one important one being that due…