21 October 2014

Open Access Week - Meme Competition

Knowledge Unlatched, the crowd-funded open-access e-books pilot, has started a fantastic meme competition in celebration of Open Access week. Just go to the Knowledge Unlatched webpage, select one of the 5 memes, add your caption, save, then email the link to info@knowledgeunlatched.org (above is the Open Access team's attempt).

There are 5 pictures to choose from, including:

The prize for the competition is having your meme published on the Knowledge Unlatched website as well as a donation to Book Aid International in you name.

Why not have a go yourself!

The competition closes on the 26th of October, so get your meme in quick!

Keep up-to-date with Knowledge Unlatched and other e-resources news over on the @thelibrary blog

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